Ninety Thousand Hours

Why candidates love us


We’re called Ninety Thousand Hours. Because that is the entirety of your career.

We made it the core of our brand because we want you to understand we’re not interested in shoving you into any old role just so we can pick up a fee.

Happy, motivated people with the right skills are the difference-makers in any business. That’s what our clients hire us to find, so we have to ensure any role we approach you about works for where you want to be in terms of career – and life.


We are specialists in these market sectors and our success comes from deep knowledge of them and an exceptional network.

So let’s be clear, if you work in these areas we can help you. If you don’t, we’re not the right people to talk to.

B2B Content

Production and distribution of content in order to increase brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales for business-to-business companies.

Data, Insights and Intelligence

Software companies that can harness the power of data within an organisation.

Media & Events

A range of companies with the purpose of information sharing, across a range of channels from digital to real-world.

Saas & Technology

Businesses driving our future via software and related information technology.


We recruit into demand generation agencies, publishers and marketing agencies. Our expertise lies in commercial roles across marketing sales and product, mid to senior levels to director and leadership role, board and MD appointments.

Whether you are an individual contributor, customer success, or looking for a leadership role, we excel in positions like, Head of sales, Sales Enablement, Marketing Director, Commercial Director. We recruit across 3 types of role:

High-performing experienced Individual contributors: across Marketing, Sales, Product and Customer Success (Enterprise AMs, and BDs)

Leadership (senior leadership, management and heads of division, like sales) Commercial directors, Operations Director, Heads and Directors of Marketing, VP of sales, VP of Strategy

Cross functional leadership: board level, MD, C-suite positions (COO, CMO, CRO, CCO, Chief Growth officer), Executive roles

We can’t help with grad recruitment or low level sales roles. Below is an overview:

SaaS & Technology
Enterprise Sales
Sales Director
BI & Market Data
ABM (Account Based Marketing)
Mid-senior level Marketeer
Events & Media
Event production
Production Director
B2B Content
Content strategy
Head of Content


We have a 96% retention rate for people we place.

That should tell you about the care we take to ensure your new role is a positive move.

As the famous quote says: “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet“.

We have the opportunities, but we have to make sure you are perfectly prepared. And we do. We produce detailed candidate packs that tell you everything you need to know about a role and the culture of the company. And if you’re not familiar with doing video introductions about yourself, or taking McQuaig behavioural assessments then we’ll guide you through those parts of our process. They are worth it so you don’t waste your time going to interviews that aren’t going to be a fit for you.

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NinetyThousandHours have succeeded in recruiting for us where others have failed. They are a cut above the crowd.


Rob Forsyth and Gemma Butler have a combined 25+ years experience in talent management and search.

We are a duo with an entire team’s worth of knowledge, a naturally supportive approach with candidates and a deep understanding of our specialist market sectors.

Robert Forsyth

Gemma Butler


We want to pull back the curtain on what it really takes to hire the best talent.

Check out our articles for in-depth analysis on the key business issues of the day and how we approach them to drive growth for our clients.