Ninety Thousand Hours

Why we succeed

Retained search

The solution for challenging, critical and strategic hires.

Ninety Thousand Hours finds the difference-making talent for your business.

We are able to do that because we work closely with clients who retain us. They get 100% of our focus, we get 100% of theirs, because we’re not one of multiple agencies all clamouring for time and attention.

Contingent recruitment might seem good value. Until it doesn’t deliver and then you realise it’s become a huge timesink.

For critical hires in scarce talent pools, your competitive advantage comes from securing the right people before your competitors do.

Rigorous headhunting process

Our proven 8 step process that has resulted in 100% placement success & 96% retention rate.

This covers: Briefing, research & mapping, candidate approaches, candidate assessment, shortlisting, weekly steering meetings, interview & referencing and onboarding.

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Breaking the old orthodoxy of the contingent recruitment model is a challenge, we understand that. But we also know the huge competitive advantage available by adopting a model that is faster, more precise and targets 100% of the talent pool.

That only comes from a committed partnership between a client and the right specialist recruiter.

Better results happen faster when process is honed and communication is clear. That means an experienced search team, not being handed off to a junior account manager.

Ninety Thousand Hours are a duo with an entire team’s worth of knowledge. Why complicate things?

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We are committed to working with you until the position is filled.

Established in 2014

100% success in delivery

96% retention rate

25 years combined experience

6 month guarantee


You can’t afford a hiring process that takes months and distracts your people from other tasks. Our process delivers results fast. Here’s how.

Week 1


Confirmation of scope and brief. Curation and client sign-off of EVP assets

Week 2 - 3

Research & market-mapping

Identification of target individuals

Week 2 - 4

Candidate engagement & qualification

Screening, qualification and assessment of all candidates

Week 4 - 5


Final short-list submitted

Week 5 - 6

Client interviews

Support with interviews and feedback

Week 6 - 7

Offer management

Support with offer positioning and onboarding

Week 8 - 12

Pre-onboarding consultation using behavioural tools

Helping you get the best out of your new hire

Week 13 - 26

360 feedback and onboarding support

NinetyThousandHours have succeeded in recruiting for us where others have failed. They are a cut above the crowd.

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NinetyThousandHours have succeeded in recruiting for us where others have failed. They are a cut above the crowd.


Global Account Director


–  Difficult industry with niche media skillset

–  Previous hires unsuccessful

–  Time to hire > 3-6 months

The Outcome

– Two Grade A appointments within 6 weeks

– 9/10 Candidate and Client satisfaction

Managing Director


– Niche role requiring experience in launching & scaling conferences into the life sciences sector

– Had been sent too many unsuitable candidates by contingent recruiters

The Outcome

– Successful hire with virtual onboarding

– 10/10 Client & Candidate satisfaction